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You’ve never experienced fantasy football like this before

  • 1. Create an account online or download the CFFB app

  • 2. Choose one of the three ways to play the game

  • 3. Create your own Top 25 game poll or choose one of the five polls used for play in the game.

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App Features
Create your own poll system
  • 1. Play to become the number one rank player in your division each week
  • 2. Choose to play your Game-Built Poll that is based on team’s win and loss record each week or if you don’t like your Game Built poll you can revise it each week
  • 3. This point driven league allows you to choose a points team to help you earn the most points each week
  • 4. Choose an upset team of the week from your Top 25 poll.
  • App Features
    Easy to play
  • 1. Any player can win, just have the highest points total for the week
  • 2. The #1 rank player within the division will win $100 per week
  • 3. Division winners will be eligible for grand prize at end of season
  • App Features

    Get the latest ranking list of your favorite players and schools

    App Feature img
    App Features
    Prediction Match Scoring
    • 1. Predict the two teams that will play for each conference championship, then who will win championship
    • 2. Predict the four teams that the Selection Committee will choose as the final four
    • 3. Predict the two teams that will play for the National Championship, then who will win
    App Features
    Clean User Interface

    Innovative and friendly design that matches your desired gaming fantasy design.

    App Features
    Safe and Secured

    Secured with several layers of security for users safety.

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    What makes this game unique?

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